LUSH Goodies

While stopping in at Lush last month for my usual bath bombs, I picked up a few other goodies that I've been wanting to try. Needless to say they quickly became favorites. I never hesitate when buying at Lush for many reasons, simply stated here

SOFT COEUR massage bar :: cocoa butter, honey & chocolate. It's as good as it sounds. A bar of buttery soft lotion that warms up to the skin making it perfect to use on your partner to soothe achey muscles, or even on yourself as a solid lotion.
IMPERIALIS moisturizer :: a brightening and softening moisturizer, literally good for any and every skin type. Known for balancing out oily skin while nourishing dry skin. Use day or night to replenish and calm.
GREASE LIGHTENING tea tree cleanser :: ingredients like thyme, tea tree, rosemary, aloe & seaweed make this treatment effective yet gentle. I usually use this once or twice a week before going to bed when I notice any breakouts. I like to apply to my entire face before applying a moisturizer, but you can use it as a spot treatment as well. I find that the day after I sleep with it on, my oily skin is a little more controlled. 
AROMACO deodorant :: why do other deodorant brands even exist when there's THIS? Made with patchouli oil it smells very soft and earthy, which I personally love. I'm not the biggest fan of smelling like baby powder or artificial vanilla, & it doesn't take away from or over power your perfume. Not to mention it's all natural, making it the main reason I purchased it!